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Without bands, drums, teachers, and schools, I wouldn't be playing or teaching.

Here are links to some of those who help me make music:

Metloef Drums

Hedwitschak Drums


Stevie Moises Tippers


Innovative Percussion, Inc.

Falconwood Tippers

Craiceann- The Bodhrán Summer School

The Bodhrán Buzz

Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School


John C. Campbell Folk School

The O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat

The Fiddle & Pick

Black Market Haggis





Banna de dhá


Tom Morley's Irish Trad Fiddle


Flying Frog Music


David Coe


Steve Peavey


Kyle Forsthoff


Matthew Bell's The Contemporary Bodhrán


Rolf Wagels' Bodhrán Site


Martin O'Neill's Webpage


Eamon Murray's Website


Kieran Leonard's Webpage


Mark Stone's Webpage




2021 Búla Buzz's Paddy's Buzz Session Outline


Link to Dr. Kyle Forsthoff and Andy Kruspe's

2013 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC)


Link to Bodhrán Clinic Handout.

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