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The book is great. Really well laid out with clear concepts and instructions. It's honestly the most comprehensive resource I've seen for bodhrán.
   -Martin O’Neill (Danú, Julie Fowlis, former All-Ireland Champion)



I’ve never seen a bodhrán tutorial book which explained the complexities of the instrument in such accurate and detailed descriptions before! This book is well worth the purchase no matter what standard you are at or whether you just have an interest in the bodhrán.
   -Colm Phelan (Goitse, former All-Ireland Champion)

Ein großartiges Lehrbuch, welches die Schüler auf vielen Ebenen anspricht: Notation, Audio und Video, was es zum umfassendsten Werk im Bereich Bodhrán macht! Man erkennt sofort, dass hier Leidenschaft auf große didaktische Erfahrung trifft!
An amazing book, which addresses the reader on many levels: Notation, Audio and Video, which makes it the most comprehensive book in the field of the bodhrán. You can see straight away that passion meets teaching skills.

   -Rolf Wagels (Cara, Bodhrán Weekends)


This is quite possibly the best instructional resource on Irish bodhrán by a musician born outside of Ireland.
   -N. Scott Robinson (Percussive Notes, March 2015)



After years of teaching percussion ensemble, marching band, indoor drum line, and private percussion lessons, I have combined my passion for the bodhrán with methods and techniques that I learned outside of Irish traditional music.



The result is a comprehensive and progressive technique book that is designed to improve the tipping and voicing skills of beginning and intermediate players.


This book includes:

-Instructions on how to hold the drum and tipper

-Explanations of stroke types

-Separate sections on tipping and voicing

-Numerous pages of patterns for reels, jigs, polkas, and slipjigs

-Additional pattern sections influenced by drum set and other "world" patterns

-A CD with 246 mp3's- one example recording of each exercise in the book

-Access to online videos that demonstrate several of the concepts in the book

-Suggested curriculum routes for students and teachers

Purchase a digital download here:

(A link to the materials will be emailed to you upon completion of the purchase. Please note that the files will be distributed through Dropbox Transfer and it may take a few hours to receive the link. No Dropbox account is required.)

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For information on how to obtain a hard copy outside of the U.S.,

please visit Rolf Wagels' website.

Online videos for

The Bodhrán Primer

can be found at my YouTube channel.



Lessons are also available via Skype using

The Bodhrán Primer

as course material.

Please contact me at

if you are interested.

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