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Andy Kruspe’s book Playing the Tune is a wonderful companion to his first resource The Bodhrán Primer. While his first book sheds light on bodhrán technique, this new resource focuses on what to play as you accompany other musicians. Playing the Tune is a logical, step-by-step approach that allows you to apply your technique to accompany traditional Irish melodies in a variety of styles and rhythmic settings. The notation is clear and the CD tracks are fun to play along with. I don’t think there are better resources to begin learning and/or supplement your studies of the bodhrán than what Andy Kruspe has created.
   -James Campbell (Director of Percussion Studies- University of Kentucky, Drum Corps International Hall of Fame, Bands of America Hall of Fame)

Andy Kruspe provides percussionists with another excellent resource, furthering the pedagogical materials available on the performance practice of the bodhrán.

-N. Scott Robinson, Percussive Notes, November 2016


After writing and using my first book, The Bodhrán Primer, successfully with numerous students, I noticed a lack of method books that demonstrated what to play with Irish traditional music. I wrote Playing the Tune to address this gap in resources.


Through explanations, notated parts, and recorded examples, Playing the Tune demonstrates many of the devices used to accompany this genre of music.


This book includes:

-A notation guide

-11 thoroughly explained techniques for accompanying tunes

-CD recordings of the tune examples (melody only), drum parts, and melody with drum for each technique


Purchase a digital download here:

(A link to the materials will be emailed to you upon completion of the purchase. Please note that the files will be distributed through Dropbox Transfer and it may take a few hours to receive the link. No Dropbox account is required.)

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For information on how to obtain a hard copy outside of the U.S.,

please visit Rolf Wagels' website.

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