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Course Supplies

Recommended Drums

Low Price Point:

Roosebeck 14" Tuneable Bodhrán

Available at


Mid Price Point:

Meinl 14" Irish Bodhrán

Available at


High Price Point (& Highly Recommended):

Hedwitschak CoreLine "Bullet" or "Universal"

Available at Rebellion Drums

Rebellion Drums Touchstone or Wave

Available at Rebellion Drums


Recommended Tippers

Hedwitschak HR3 "Bamboo" Tipper

Available at Stevie Moises Tippers


Roosebeck Rattan Tipper

Available at


Meinl Percussion FDT3 Tipper

Available at


Falconwood FW ScotRod B/W3

Available at Falconwood Tippers


**It is also highly recommended that you purchase a case for the safe transportation and storage of your instrument.**







Teaching Resources

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Link to Dropbox for Workshop Handouts
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