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Down the Rabbit Hole

To go “down the rabbit hole,” in the sense of Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, suggests going down an unknown or uncertain paths without really knowing what lies ahead of you. I have spent many a night on the internet doing just that in search of all things bodhrán. One of my favorite resources is YouTube due to the fact that it recommends other videos related to the one that is currently being viewed. These seemingly endless YouTube searches have shown me many wonderful applications of the drum, some “trad” and some not-so-much. Below are some links to players and bands that will assist you in your own adventure down the hole… (Note: This list is by no means complete or prioritized. It is just a place to start. Also, be sure to use good speakers or headphones!) John Joe Kelly Eamon Murray Martin O’Neill (See 6:20) Cormac Byrne Josselin Fournel Robbie Walsh Kieran Leonard Colm Phelan Colm Murphy Johnny McDonagh Paul Phillips Ronan O’Snodaigh Brian Morrisey Jim Higgins Anna Colliton Rolf Wagels

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