Down the Rabbit Hole

To go “down the rabbit hole,” in the sense of Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, suggests going down an unknown or uncertain paths without really knowing what lies ahead of you. I have spent many a night on the internet doing just that in search of all things bodhrán. One of my favorite resources is YouTube due to the fact that it recommends other videos related to the one that is currently being viewed. These seemingly endless YouTube searches have shown me many wonderful applications of the drum, some “trad” and some not-so-much. Below are some links to players and bands that will assist you in your own adventure down the hole… (Note: This list is by no means complete or pri

The Importance of Getting Dropped

One of my interests away from music is cycling. When I started riding and training in earnest in Spring of 2016, I regularly consulted my local bike shop and online resources for ways to improve my strength, skills, and endurance on the bike. Every inquiry that I made seemed to lead to the same maxim- “In order to get stronger, you have to ride with stronger riders.” I did this in the Summer and Fall of 2016 by joining more group rides. These rides helped me to develop the skills and strength needed for group pace line riding for longer distances. In the Spring and early Summer of this year, I started riding with a group of some of the strongest riders in Huntsville, known locally as the “

The Log Book

One of the most invaluable tools at my disposal as a student of the bodhrán is my log book. I use this document to keep track of numerous aspects of my playing and teaching. As the photo below shows, I have have been making entries for quite a while. What is in it, and what purpose does it serve? Let me give you a tour… Technique Reminders As this page illustrates, a regular evaluation of my own technique through audio and video recordings helps me to identify areas that need improvement. Once addressed, these improvements allow me to refine my performance. Notes From Videos YouTube is a great resource for learning about how and what others plays. I will often spend time on this site watch

Have Drum, Will Travel, Or: Go To A Workshop

There are many ways that one can receive tuition on the bodhrán, but perhaps one of the most memorable is to travel to a workshop. There are many options to choose from, and I would like to share a few here. But first, some reasons why you might want to make the effort to attend one (or several) of these events… 1. The staff at these workshops are some of the best players and teachers in the field. It is one thing to be exposed to a player or a style via videos or recordings, but it is another to see it firsthand and have it taught to you by the players themselves. Being able to see great players in-person and ask them questions in individual or small group settings is a great way to learn

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