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An Exciting Start to 2018!

Hello, and a very Happy New Year to you and yours! First, my apologies for not having posted for several months... I teach the front ensemble at Sparkman High School during the Fall Semester, so football games and marching contests often take precedence in my day-to day life.

I am only four days into the new year, but it is already starting to look like it will be an excellent 2018. First, I started a new project with Andra Bohnet, the flute professor at the University of South Alabama. I have performed with her numerous times since 2013 with her and her band, Mithril. Our intent is to play music between the Irish Traditional/Celtic and Classical genres. Since it is neither and both, we felt that the name Liminal would be perfect for this side project. You can find out more about this duo here, and you can see a preview video here.

I have also been working on some projects that will take the bodhrán out of the world of Irish Traditional music and into percussion ensemble literature. The first result of this work will be the premier of Brian Nozny's Piece for Solo Bodhrán and Percussion Ensemble on February 28, 2018 at the University of South Alabama with my aforementioned duo partner, Andra Bohnet. I will be joined on stage by members of the University of South Alabama's Percussion Ensemble (Dr. Luis Rivera, director). Brian's piece is scored for solo bodhrán with percussion trio. You can here snippets of this piece here, and read an interview with Brian regarding this piece here.

Thank you for following my website and blog, and I hope that you all have a wonderful 2018!


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